No matter how hectic it was, Marko's soothing attitude and friendly voice on the phone made me feel we can do this.[asiakas]Liisa Neuvonen, Service manager, The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia (after the grand opening)[/asiakas] We didn't have to lure fairgoers, as the brilliant design stood out. Hahmo’s concept work and stand construction is definitely the best in Finland.[asiakas]Jukka Koskelo, Project coordinator, Dopinglinkki[/asiakas] The end result matches all our expectations. It is creative yet beautifully fine-tuned to respect our brand. Hahmo listened to us carefully and asked just the right questions, thus helping us take the necessary decisions. And even more: the project meetings were fun![asiakas]Hanna Klinge, Country manager, British Council[/asiakas] Thanks, <3 and thumbs up! Why? Because you guys did an amazing job and have the best of attitudes![asiakas]Marjukka Lehtimäki, Communications manager, Musiikkitalo[/asiakas] Sweeeeeet! I'm all stoked for the flyer you did![asiakas]Joonas Ahlava, Director of Possibilities, Innostava Suomi[/asiakas] I want to thank you and your team for your excellent work. The strategic research agenda of the JPI-MYBL will truly stand out and be seen. You just have to love those guys. It looks great.[asiakas]Denice Moi Thuk Shung, Programme Officer, ZonMw - The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development[/asiakas] Looks great! You guys do good work in Finland.[asiakas]Stacy Spletzer-Jegen, Senior Manager, Athlete Relations & Communications, World Anti-Doping Agency[/asiakas] Having reviewed the portfolios of a number of companies in Scandinavia I settled on Hahmo. We agreed that the logo should convey innovativeness with an emphasis on mathematical research, and yet maintain a conservative profile. Hahmo succeeded exceptionally well in this. I have had very positive feedback.[asiakas]Henrik Rasmussen, Director, TwoPi Capital Management[/asiakas] The download page with logo files and instructions is super handy - kudos to you![asiakas]Laura Klefbohm, Communications Manager, The Governing Body of Suomenlinna[/asiakas] Marko, you are the most patient person I've met.[asiakas]Rainer Hiltunen, Head of Office, National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal of Finland[/asiakas] Co-operation has been fantastic. We are now even happier with choosing you. Your team really understood our goals and practical needs. You also opposed us when necessary, which made the identity thought-provoking.[asiakas]Päivi Rosqvist, Communications manager, Metsähallitus[/asiakas]
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